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OneDrive (Office 365)

OneDrive File Sharing

File Sharing: Internal vs. External

OneDrive supports sharing with both internal and external users. In most cases external users will be people from outside the University, however in certain cases there may be some confusion about internal vs. external sharing with UVA users due to the fact that some organizations around Grounds maintain their own infrastructure and accounts in addition to an Eservices account. This will largely affect sharing with the Medical Center, Darden, Law, and McIntire. See below for a simple guide with screenshots to help you determine whether your sharing will be internal or external.

  • After clicking on the "Share" tab, if you pick the user from the directory by typing their name as shown in the screenshot below, you are selecting an internal user account and the user will need to use their Eservices account to access the shared document.

    picture of people picker
  • After adding an internal user, the dialog box will look like this:

    picture of people picker after choosing person to share with
  • Users who are external will not show up in the People Picker, so you will need to type their full email address in order to share with them. After adding them, you will see a warning that they are outside your organization, as shown in the screenshot below:

    picture of people picker after choosing an outside person to share with
  • Any time you see the 'outside of your organization' warning, you will know that the user is external, and will need to use a code to access the shared content.

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