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Home Directory Service

Setup Instructions for Dreamweaver

You must first connect to the Home Directory server that contains your Web pages. Use either the Home Directory (HDS) application or connect directly by mapping a drive to the HDS (Windows | Mac OS).

Map Your Site in Dreamweaver

  1. Open Dreamweaver.
  2. Go to the Sites menu and click on Manage Sites...
    manage sites
  3. In the window that pops up, click on the New... button, and click on Site in the sub-menu that pops up.
    manage sites
  4. Go over to the Advanced tab in the new window.
  5. Complete all the information on the Local Info option.
    Local site info
    1. Enter a name into the Site name input box.
    2. Enter the absolute path to the directory where the content is stored on your computer, locally. You can also use the folder icon next to the input box to browse to the directory.
  6. Click Next until you reach the Sharing Files section. From the drop-down switch from FTP to Local/Network.

  7. Click on the folder icon on the right and navigate to the folder for your website located on the mounted Home Directory share.

    Mounted HDS
  8. Upload your files to the server

    files tab
    1. Select the root folder in the Files sub-window
    2. Click the Put (the up arrow) button to upload the files to the server
    3. Enter your computing ID/Eservices password when prompted if you did not tell Dreamweaver to save your password when you set up the site.

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