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Course Evaluations

Administrators: Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Administrator Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the evaluation results for the courses in my school/department?

Administrators may access evaluation results by following these steps:

  1. Log into UVACollab.
  2. On the Home tab, click Course Evaluations in the left menu.
  3. Click the link to Access course evaluation results.
  4. Select the term that you're interested in.
  5. Select an individual course from the list or select to get a PDF of all the evaluation results.
When I log into UVACollab, I don't see the link to Administer Course Evaluations. What now?
Individuals must be designated by the dean or chair for their school/department in order to have administrator access to evaluation results. To add or remove individuals from these administrative roles, the relevant dean or department chair should send an email request to
How do I print evaluation results?
You may print the results for an individual course or for all of your courses by selecting one of the PDF options and then printing from within Adobe Reader.
How do I access the evaluation results for a course taught by one of my faculty in another school/department?

You do not have online access to evaluation results for courses that are not in your school/department, even if the course was taught by one of your faculty. However, you do have two options for getting access to those results:

  • you may request that the faculty member send you the PDF of those results, or
  • you may request that an administrator from the other school/department send you the PDF of those results
How can I get additional statistics that are not provided by the online system?
To download both the raw individual evaluation data and the statistics that are pre-computed by the system, from the Course Evaluation Manager > View Results screen, click the CSV File link or right-click it and select Save as. There is also CSV Help that documents the format of the CSV file and how to download it.
How do I add to, remove, or change the questions (and other configuration options) that are used for my school's or department's courses?
The evaluation for a course always contains the seven Provost questions and then optionally contains questions from the school, department, and/or instructor. Approximately six weeks before an evaluation period begins, an email is sent to administrators detailing the questions and configuration (including the begin and end dates, the list of courses, etc.) that will be used for their courses. This default configuration is based on the previous semester's configuration for your school/department. Administrators should reply to that email with any changes they want.
How do I see response statistics for all courses?
Response statistics for all courses are available on the Course Evaluations system.
How do I see examples of course evaluations email notices?
Email notices are sent to students, instructors, and administrators at appropriate times during the evaluation cycle each semester. View sample course evaluation emails.
Why don't I have access to the results of questions authored by the instructor? The questions show that these results are masked.
Instructors are the only ones who have access to results for questions that they contributed. Thus, instructors should feel free to ask any kind of question for their own professional development.

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