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Getting Started with UVA Box

Get UVa Box | Upload Files | Install Box Sync | Collaborate & Send Files as Links | Configure Your Mobile | Manage Your Files in Box

1. Get Your UVA Box Account

Members of the UVA community who are eligible for a UVA Box account can get one easily:

  1. Just go to
  2. Click Continue, and log into NetBadge as you usually do.
  3. After successfully logging in, your UVA Box account will be created and is ready to use! You now have 1 TB of storage space “in the cloud.”
Click to log into UVA Box now

2. Upload Your Files to UVA Box

Uploading your files to Box is easy:

Files uploaded? See How to Manage Your Files in Box.

3. Install Box Sync to Keep Your Files Synchronized

Ensure the files stored locally on your computer stay automatically synched with the ones stored online, and have Box appear as another “drive” or folder on your computer which you can save files to. To install Sync:

  1. Download and install the appropriate version of Box Sync for your operating system.
  2. Authenticate for first-time setup.
    1. Provide your computing
    2. The Sync app will open a UVA NetBadge login screen; provide your password.
  3. With Sync now installed, you can easily save files on your computer into Box and you’ll no longer need to log into the Box Web interface to access your files.

For more info, view Box’s info on using Sync

4. Collaborate & Send Files As Links (Not Email Attachments!)

Now you can start sending out your files as links, instead of as large email attachments!

  • Just click the Share button to the right of the file or folder name you wish to share.
  • Click on "Access" before clicking "Send" if you wish to limit who has access to your file, create a custom URL to rename the link for greater clarity, or set an expiration for the link so collaborators cannot view it after a certain date.

You can even lock a file for editing so collaborators can “check in” and “check out” files and no one overwrites the work of anyone else!

5. Configure Your Mobile Device for UVA Box

How to configure your smartphone or tablet for UVa Box

Access the files you have stored in UVa Box on your smartphone and/or tablet:

How to Manage Your Files in Box

When you first log into UVA Box, you’ll see a screen like this. Your files will appear below the Files and Folders tab:

files and folders screen

  • To edit your files without ever leaving your browser, saving the step of uploading and downloading files, install Box Edit. View Box’s video on using Box Edit.
  • To take actions such as move, copy, or delete, click on the down arrow to the right of the file or folder name, next to the Share button. Or, just right-click on the file or folder to display these options.

Follow UVA Box Best Practices

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